The appearance of an allergic rhinitis is characterized by certain symptoms. Some of them can appear almost immediately, within 4 - 8 hours, while others after 2 days or even weeks from the onset of the disease.

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In most cases, the symptoms of cipro rhinitis are as follows

According to allergists, at the first meeting of a person with an irritating substance, a noticeable allergic reaction may not occur, but during the next contact with the allergen, it will become more pronounced. These manifestations are also very pronounced, and it is at the very beginning of the disease; increased secretion of cipro from the nose. In the beginning it is a very thin, watery discharge.

In the future, mucous secretions become thicker; tearing, itching and redness of the eyes; nasal congestion, inability to breathe through the nose, impaired sense of smell; hypersensitivity to strong odors: household and building chemicals, perfumes, tobacco smoke; dry cough, which joins later; weakness, drowsiness, chills and high fatigue (phenomena are characteristic in the later stages of the disease).

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This is how the general allergic reaction of the body manifests itself; stuffy ears, hearing impairment are also characteristic of chronic allergic rhinitis. Forms and stages of allergic rhinitis. For a disease such as allergic rhinitis, two main forms are characteristic: periodic (seasonal); permanent (year-round).

The difference between them is that in the seasonal form, the allergen is of Ciprofloxacin origin and is released during the flowering of certain types of flowers or trees. In the chronic form, the irritant is present in human life (dust mites, mold, animals) and the disease may not stop all year round. There is also a mixed form, in which chronic rhinitis is expressed year-round in an erased form and is amenable to drug control, and worsens in the summer season. There are the following stages of the disease:

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They do not stop at all, or an unstable remission occurs, and then a repetition. Annual recurrence of symptoms of allergic rhinitis for more than 4 weeks is also considered a chronic course of Ciprofloxacin. Diagnosis of allergic rhinitis. At the very beginning, to establish a diagnosis, the doctor conducts a detailed survey of the patient. This is how an anamnesis is collected about the course of the disease and all the factors accompanying its development, the individual characteristics of the reaction to various substances, as well as the methods of treatment that were previously undertaken at home.

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The hereditary factor, which is very important in the diagnosis of any Cipro diseases, is also being investigated. In the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis, it is of great importance to identify exactly those irritating substances that trigger a negative immune reaction. Thus it is establishedand a possible range of cross-allergens (similar foods and substances that can also negatively affect a person). Treatment of Ciprofloxacin rhinitis begins only after an accurate diagnosis has been established.

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